Twenty Years!

"Thank you for all your loyalty and strength—with your help and support we have reached our 20th year in practice!

Together, we have journeyed through many milestones and phases of development, starting back in 1997 when I was operating in a little room by myself. Now, I have a wonderful 5-practitioner team with support staff, and even a second clinic at PoMo. God has been so good to bless our efforts. 

We now proudly represent 6 brands in our health sector, and we have our own line of exclusive custom aromatherapy blends. Using your valuable feedback, it was presented at the International Aromatherapy Conference in San Francisco and a paper was published. We have accomplished so much!" 

— Veronica


Here are a few images from Masso Institute through the years, looking back at all the wonderful people we've met and the fabulous experiences we've had on this adventure...

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


—thank you, everyone! x