Interview with DJ Chua Lee Lian on Love 97.2 FM


I was recently a guest on DJ Chua Lee Lian’s show, LOVE 礼生活志, on Love 97.2FM, talking about Lymphoedema Awareness. I had a wonderful time, and they’ve graciously allowed me to post some clips from the interview here on our website. Hope you enjoy (and thank you so much, Lee Lian)!

Audio clips provided by MediaCorp and Love 97.2 FM

今天礼莲请 Masso Institute 的 专业淋巴系统治疗师 Veronica 讲解 淋巴系统问题和水肿的区别。空中讲到即将在 7月5-9号 进行的 专业课程, 想询问详情,请email。也可以上 Masso Institute 网站看更多有关淋巴护理的概念