22nd Annual Sale Announcement


Welcome, dear Loyal Customer, to our 22nd Annual, 40% OFF Almost Everything Aromatherapy Sale—put together just for you!

I have highlighted some of our stalwart oils and blends for the season below. We invite you to take advantage of this sale and enjoy the selection with us…

1. Hair & Scalp Care

10ml for $17·90 | 30ml for $40·90 | 100ml for $89·90

We typically put our in-house custom blends on our sales “price-less” when we realise that there has been a following on it and repeat orders are coming back on it. In this season we are pleased to place on our official label our own scalp and hair restoration formula made with Rosemary, Ginger, Peppermint, Lemon, Tea Tree and Lavender in our Jojoba Virgin base to be applied to your scalp and leave on for half an hour to an hour before shampoo, use as often as you like, even daily to stimulate circulation to the hair follicles to nourish the hair roots. Popular choice for post chemo patients, it can be used even when you are under your treatment phase to keep hair roots strengthened during this phase of therapy to promote healthier and stronger roots at the regrowth phase. This formula only works when the hair roots are still in place.

2. Lavender Bulgaria Organic

12ml for $26·90

Good news for our fans of Lavender Bulgaria! We know you have been missing this and we have finally found a good source with an acceptable price. From a good quality harvest and organic certification by the European standards, I am personally happy with this find, therefore I am happy to announce the return of Lavender Bulgaria to our product list and shelf after a one year break. Please take advantage of this sale period to restock your Bulgarian Lavender that took me so many months to find. I hope you will enjoy this source as much as I do.

3. Helichrysum Italicum (Everlasting) Organic Essential Oil

5ml for $80·90 | 100ml Hydrosol for $23·90

Artwork by Jožica Medle, born 1959 in Novo Mesto. Graduated from the Arthouse, the College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. She's currently the President of the Society of Fine Artists of Dolenjska. She lives and creates in Šentjernej, in southeastern Slovenia.   Thanks to our Slovenian farmers for this beautiful gift!

Artwork by Jožica Medle, born 1959 in Novo Mesto. Graduated from the Arthouse, the College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. She's currently the President of the Society of Fine Artists of Dolenjska. She lives and creates in Šentjernej, in southeastern Slovenia.

Thanks to our Slovenian farmers for this beautiful gift!


We are proud to have found this "direct from farm" source of a beautifully crafted Helichrysum, steam distilled from Gora. It is comparable to the Bosnian and Croatia quality. With over 20 years of experience in crop harvest, the quality is well controlled and the distillers are very familiar indeed with the species. The farmer is a trained pharmacist turned aromatherapy farmer with all the right knowledge and chemistry documents making this one of my most precious finds in this year. We are happy to feature their essential oil and hydrosol as a new product under our Veronica Aromatherapy label. This oil in my opinion is far superior and less expensive than the other European sources that I have found last year. Therefore I am more than honoured to place this oil into my official collection and pricelist. I hope you will enjoy my recommendation and selection.

4. Anti-Allergy Synergy

5ml for $33·00

I learnt this formula from Dr Kurt Schnaubelt, it is therefore rightly his, I have been using this at home for my boys and their allergic sinus and rhinitis issues with a lot of success. I will now hand over to Angela (our Secretary) to tell you about her experience with this blend…

“Hello! I have always enjoyed the use of essential oils for personal aromatherapy relaxation , however I never did realise how effective it is medicinally until recently. Having suffered from rhinitis for past 7 years, I have consumed countless antihistamines which did nothing but make me drowsy, providing a short term solution. The sneezes, stuffy nose and headaches were affecting my quality of day to day life. I joined Veronica’s team a couple of months ago and noting my plight one day she gifted me an anti-allergy synergy blend. I must admit, I was skeptical about its efficacy, but used it as instructed—a drop or two, 2-3 times a day . Unbelievably, after the first use itself the sneezes pretty much stopped right in their tracks. It was especially helpful during the haze period as I have adverse reactions to smoke due to my lung condition. I even let a couple of my friends use it during the haze with good feedback. So now my sneezes are rare and so are the headaches. It has also helped me with my sinus issues. What a relief not to be sneezing and sniffling away constantly, or walking with a stuffy nose and a foggy-achy head all day. Happy to say that I have been off antihistamines for past 3 months.

My Verdict: Don’t leave home without it!

Thank you Veronica for this potent potion.”

5. Frankincense Somalia Essential Oil (H2O - Steam Distillation)

5ml for $30·90 | 100ml Hydrosol for $30·90

Another direct source from a farm in Somalia, this beautiful Boswellia caterii essential oil boasts the oil property that all the aromatherapy books write about. There are a few types of Frankincense and there has been some confusion about which type does what and so many assume that all the Frankincense they have is the same, but it is not true, so I just wanted to point out that the Frankincense , unless otherwise specified in books is usually of this variety.

One thing to note is there is too much hearsay about Frankincense Sacra being the anti-cancer oil, unfortunately this statement is not supported much by any form of concrete research. There is a obvious fact, the main constituent found in Frankincense that could possibly suggest any form of anti-cancer activity is from Boswellic acid and the molecular weight is too heavy for this to be transferred to any essential oil during the steam distillation therefore all essential oils of Frankincense does not contain Boswellic Acid, sorry to say that only 7 research papers indicated Boswellic Acid with not much conclusion on anti-cancer activities, so please verify what you hear/see online.

This is a very nice clean distillation of Frankincense Organic direct from Somalia sourced resins and I found it very attractive and full bodied and I hope you too like that.

6. Myrrh Organic Essential Oil (Steam Distillation)

5ml for $46·90

From the same Somalian farm, this essential oil is full of healing potential. Known for its assistance towards inflammation and slow healing wounds, it’s also an oil that has apoptosis action, which is essential towards fighting any form of infection. Known as a very balancing oil for a lot of malady in biblical times, it was also known to be used as a pain medication in the historical pharmacy. By infusing Myrrh resin in wine, it becomes an herbal mixture for cough, phlegm, infection, skin problems and pain management. A well known home remedy for every household in those days.

We bring to you this modern hydro distilled version of Myrrh which I found easier to work with than the CO2 version because Myrrh tends to crystallise, hence this water distillation method makes it less viscose and easier to keep for longer periods. Enjoy!

7. Sandalwood Gold Organic Essential Oil (Steam Distillation)

5ml for $90.00

Finally for this season, we have found a source of ethically farmed and harvested Sandalwood (Santalum album species) that has successfully grown outside of Tamil Naidu and is from the same gene pool of the original famous Indian Sandalwood. I found this remarkably similar in smell and constituents and I am excited to share with you this honour of being able to sell this at a discount for this season even. If you have been following me, I have spent almost 10 years looking for a source outside of Tamil Naidu especially after the Tsunami wiped out the trees from that region, the prices of Sandalwood sky rocketed and on top of that, Sandalwood became banned from export, since then a lot of black market Sandalwood oils surfaced from all over the world, most have proven itself to be made and not grown. So it is a rare find indeed that a farm has been successful in growing Santalum album that produces such similar constituents.

Sandalwood is a favourite of Robert Tisserand (author of Safety of Essential Oils) for anything to do with the skin in particular for eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis condition. He usually pairs it with the Rose or Geranium family for best effect, and the synergy is very comforting to the skin.  Traditionally used as incense in many religious ceremonies, it has a calming and meditative effect on your mind when used in air diffusion. Often also used as a perfuming ingredient especially for men’s deodorants, or in aftershave lotions as a soothing constituent to tender skin. 



That’s all for now—come and enjoy these beautiful oils during our sales!