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Intro to The Aromatherapy Course 2018 (4th Edition)


Hello everyone! We are proud to represent and host Dr Kurt Schnaubelt as he launches the 4th edition of his [International Certification in] Aromatherapy Course from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

Kurt, himself, will be here to kick off the class with a seminar designed to introduce you to his comprehensive online course. Join us for a fun and interactive class with a rare chance to learn directly from Kurt.

The workshop will be held on 17th & 18th April 2018, from 10am-6pm (venue TBD), and is available with early bird pricing for S$380 until 1 April 2018. Afterwards, the normal fee of S$420 applies. Fees are all-inclusive.

For more information, and to receive the full class outline with registration forms, please send your email to 90027937. A brief introduction to the course is included below...

Thank you, and see you soon! 





Quick Fixes and Sustainable Improvements for a Healthier Life

The Course presents aromatherapy in the solid and level academic tradition of Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. It strives to deepen your knowledge beyond the chatter of the current media landscape.

Essential Oils

The true nature of Essential Oils is explored and what it means that they are products of living plant organisms.


A minimum of essential oil chemistry is presented to enable a lay person to formulate highly effective blends for oneself, friends and family.

Alternatives and Biology

Contemporary aromatherapy integrates traditional Chinese medical concepts and biology for better health by preventing acute and chronic diseases.

Then, Now and Tomorrow

The Course presents proven protocols for common diseases and up to date concepts and ideas to formulate the most successful and effective treatment blends. It charts future applications by invoking research in molecular biology to potentially prevent or ameliorate cancer.


New Topics in the 4th Edition:

Topic One: Essential Oil Quality and Authenticity in a Global Aromatherapy

  • What is an Essential Oil?
  • How has the perception of essential oil quality changed over time?
  • What is Authenticity?
  • How can I identify authentic oils?
  • Why should we look for authentic oils?
  • How important is Analysis, and what can I learn from this?
  • The hype about quality and analysis...
  • Natural but not authentic; a new trend.
  • The Multi-Level Phenomenon.

Topic Two: Future Dynamics of Aromatherapy

There are two major new narratives in aromatherapy:

1. Based on Molecular Biology, there are new treatment options for degenerative diseases and chronic inflammation

  • Essential oils and cancer (a brief overview).
  • Ameliorating the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy.
  • Suggestions for nerve damage and pain.
  • Suggestions for other difficult issues, i.e. Lymphedema, cellulitis, and more...

2. Beyond France and the UK: Aromatherapy’s new popularity in the 21st century manifests in North America and East Asia.

  • Oils and ideas from the East will weave themselves into the aromatherapy narrative.
  • Eastern Oils—mostly from rhizomes, resins, and trees—have a different quality than oils from European herbs. They are more yin and slower acting, but have more lasting effects.
  • Philosophical Aspect: People and aromatic plants in the East are mostly subject to a Monsoon climate. People and aromatic plants in Europe are mostly subject to a more temperate, pastoral climate.

About Dr Schnaubelt

Pasfoto-Kurt -Schnaubelt-OK_2018-03-07.jpg

The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and Original Swiss Aromatics (Dr Schnaubelt’s aromatherapy and essential oil brand) were founded by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in 1983. He was joined by Monika Haas in 1988, and Julien Juillerat in 2012. 

Original Swiss Aromatics was one of the very first Aromatherapy companies in the US, and until this day has maintained the highest standard in its variety of over 200 different essential oils. 

“We not only work with essential oils, we live an aromatherapy lifestyle. We view essential oils as incomparable allies in healing ourselves, our family and friends. In our quest to find the best and most precious essential oils we travel to the countries of origin, work intimately with the producers and guarantee the highest quality of genuine and authentic essential oils one can possibly find. If we are unable to find an essential oil of truly authentic quality, we take it off our list. Our love and dedication to our work has allowed us to remain successful for more than 30 years.”


You can find out more about the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy at, and Dr Kurt on his blog:

date: time: course fee:
17th & 18th April 2018 10am–6pm daily
(14 hours total)
(total, includes both days)
*Sign Up Now for $380!

Early Bird pricing available until 1st April 2018, 11:59pm SGT.
See above for details...

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