About Masso

At Masso Institute, we really do want you to feel better. Lymphoedema is our speciality, and we believe we are uniquely placed to make a meaningful difference in our patients lives and happiness. After all, that's really what we all want; to be comfortable in our own body, at whatever level makes sense in our life.

We'll do our very best to help you get there.

At the clinic, we have several therapists and dedicated professionals (full-time, part-time, and volunteers), working side-by-side under the sensitive direction of Veronica Yap.

Of course, we think it's the people that really make the difference! Read more about Veron below, plus more profiles coming soon!


Veronica Yap, RMT

Veronica Yap is the director and founder of Masso Institute. She has been a medical healthcare specialist for almost 20 years, and is now certified in a number of notable areas associated with Lymphatic Disorders, her speciality.

With understanding and sensitivity, she's been helping patients regain their physical and emotional sense of self, even if it's only for a short time.

Over the course of her career, her patients have come from many backgrounds, and have come to her with many hard to treat and chronic conditions. It's the experience and practical qualifications below that have helped


Veronica is an aromatherapist first and foremost, and this heavily influences her methods and applications of treatment. She has been a full time Clinical Aromatherapist for 19 years.

Back in 1996, she studied at and graduated from the Joanna Hoare Institute of Aromatherapy in the United Kingdom. She later passed the International Federation of Aromatherapy, U.K. (IFA) Diploma examination with Distinction. 

She is Aromatherapy Organisation Council (AOC) Registered. 

She also graduated in Advanced Aromatherapy from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy (with a Distinction), and since 2002 has been under the mentorship of Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, a prominent and revered aromatherapist living and working near San Francisco.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Veronica graduated as a Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapist with the highest qualification in 2006. Around that time, she decided to specialize in Lymphoedema Therapy; the majority of her patients today are cancer survivors dealing with the post-treatment complications of Lymphoedema. 

She took advanced studies in Medical Lymph Drainage techniques under Leduc UK, graduating in Sep 2009, further enhancing her abilities in handling complex lymphology cases. She is currently a member of the International Society of Lymphology. 

In 2011, she extended her expertise by becoming a certified level 3 Kinesiotaping therapist from the KTA (Kinesio Taping Association). By using Kinesiotaping and support/compression garments, she's found she can provide additional and better support for her patients.

In 2015, Veronica became a Fluoroscopy Guided MLD Therapist, graduating from the Lymphoedema Training Academy in the U.K.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Veronica graduated in Health Science from ESTT College of Natural Medicine (Melbourne, Australia) in 2002. After further studies, she became a state-recognized Remedial Massage Therapist. She graduated from Health Schools Australia (in Queensland) in 2005, specializing in Remedial Therapy for muscular-skeletal disorders, with a special interest in back and shoulder problems.

Further Qualifications and Practical Experience

Veronica started a retail consultancy at The Changi General Hospital Pharmacy in 1999. She now sells her own customized products direct to her customers and patients.

The practice and use of essential oils in healing and ritualistic purposes goes back to several ancient cultures, including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. However, Aromatherapy was not well-known in Singapore at the time, and Veronica recognized a need in the community. She was convinced from this early stage that not just her patients, but the general public at large, could really benefit from the information she'd been taught. 

From 1999 to 2005, she taught weekly sessions at the Marine Parade Community Club, and then at the main school in Serangoon Garden. She has conducted Aromatherapy workshops for corporations like IBM and TNT, hospitals, private groups (such as SMU, Singapore Management University), schools (Tao Nan Primary, for example) and other associations (Bizlink, Pentacost Methodist Church, etc.). 

Veronica has been the Singapore Representative for Health Schools Australia (Queensland, Australia) since 2005, and the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy (USA) since 2006. On their behalf, she runs the school’s curriculum as a satellite tutor in Singapore.

In Masso Institute, education has become a major part of our therapy; the treatment can become more effective when patients (and caregivers) also understand their condition and the processes of healing. 

Today, Veron organizes classes and seminars on aromatherapy, lymphatic disorders and compression bandaging. She tries to raise the level of awareness on Lymphoedema by holding free educational seminars to private groups and associations. She gives talks locally in Singapore and worldwide. 

Masso Institute has also welcomed international experts and practitioners to speak and pass on their knowledge in an effort to improve the standards of learning in Singapore. A good example is Dr Kurt Schnaubelt, who has been coming to Singapore from the USA. His expertise has given students an opportunity to learn Advanced Medical Aromatherapy techniques and practices.

Professional Trainer 

In 2013, Veronica completed the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). This means that she is a certified trainer under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework, assured for quality by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) of Singapore. The WSQ is "… a national continuing education and training system designed for adult workers which complements the formal education system for students."

She hopes to develop a proper curriculum for training home care givers, for follow-up management of their loved ones between therapy sessions.

Lymphatic Disorders Management (Oncology)
  • IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapy, U.K.) Diploma, Dr Vodder Certified
  • PIA (Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy) Certified
  • Leduc MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) U.K. Certified
  • KTA (Kinesio Taping Association) KT (Kinesio-Taping) Level 3 Certified
  • ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) Certified Trainer
  • Fluoroscopy Guided MLD Therapist, U.K. Certified
  • Member of the International Society of Lymphology