At Masso Institute, we specialize in the treatment of Lymphoedema and Lymphatic Disorders. We use a comprehensive, holistic and tailor-made range of therapies for each specific lymphatic situation.

If it all sounds a bit daunting, don't worry; we'll walk you through the whole process. 

Whether you're a medical practitioner, or one of our current patients; a family member looking for a solution, or you've received a worrying diagnosis and you don't know who to turn to... 

We're here to help.


A heartfelt thank you for all your loyalty and strength—with your help and support we have reached our 20th year in practice!


Join us and take a look back through the years:


What is lymphoedema?

The Lymphatic System is the body's way of keeping fluids in balance and defending against disease. When this system becomes blocked, or stops functioning normally, fluid collects in the tissue spaces between the muscles and skin. The result is chronic swelling. This condition is called Lymphoedema, and can lead to other complications.

While there are no complete cures available in standard medical practice, we have developed a range of integrated therapies that consistently and effectively relieves our patients symptoms.

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How we help to heal

The current method of dealing with lymphatic disorders is constant management (generally through prescription drugs) —usually whilst surgeries and other more invasive methods are explored. We've found that by approaching the problem from a different angle, we can be more effective and comforting to our patients.

We can support the medical profession, and introduce little to no side effects in the process.

It requires sustained focus on the problem and a regular rhythm of treatment to naturally retrain the body's own healing abilities.

Veronica has been developing aromatherapy blends for many years, and this forms the foundation of her practice. Using the essential oils, we incorporate world-class manual lymph drainage and decongestive therapy, together with remedial massage therapy and custom compression garments to reinforce healing.

So, whilst it still might not be a 'complete' cure, it can be a way back to life and normality, to real relief and a way to substantially mitigate the pain and discomfort.

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Who Are We?

Masso Institute is the creation of Veronica Yap, a practitioner of almost 20 years, specializing in advanced Manual Lymph Drainage, Combined Decongestive Therapies, and Medical Aromatherapy.

It was founded in 2000 to help better serve the community and support medical professionals by focusing on Lymphoedema, it's causes, and also solutions to the complications that arise.

At Masso Institute, we believe that we can bring relief to our patients with a combination of medical knowledge, natural and complimentary therapies, regular and consistent treatment, and education (for both patients and practitioners).

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A CentRE for Learning too…

We believe that an informed patient is a happier patient. Letting you know what's happening at every step of the way (whether patient or loved one) is essential to us. But we realize that sometimes you need a deeper understanding of what's happening. So, from time to time, we offer classes that can give you a window into your condition, practical instruction for self-help, or a better appreciation of the therapies we ourselves use. We offer more advanced classes for budding practitioners, too…

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